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2017年12月13日    星期三
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佳华网经过一段时间的技术改造, 现正式重新推出天涯寻梦专栏. 改造后的专栏使用起来将更加方便. 改造前我们拥有约4000名注册成员. 由于技术上的困难, 我们无法将以前的注册成员资料转移到新专栏中来. 这意味着以前的贴子也全部消失. 我们对由此给大家造成的不便深表歉意. 所有2007年1月以前注册的成员必须重新注册. 如有什么困难或疑问, 敬请与我们联系. 谢谢大家!


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Help you find the right one in your dream
    天涯寻梦是佳华网的最新奉献。尽管佳华网主要是面向加拿大华人的,但友谊和爱情是没有疆界的, 因特网也是无远弗界的,我们热诚欢迎世界各地的朋友使用这一服务。佳华网是双语网站, 不管您讲华语,还是只讲英语但想与讲华语的朋友交往,这里都是您的家。 无论您的知音在世上哪一角,您都可以找到他/她。

    JiaHwa Dating is JiaHwa's newest contribution to Chinese-speaking people. Although JiaHwa primarily serves Chinese-speaking community in Canada, we warmly welcome people from all over the world to use our service. The Internet has no borderline, friendship and love as well. JiaHwa is a bilingual website, even you don't speak Chinese, as long as you want to find a Chinese-speaking mate, this is the right place for you. JiaHwa Dating's mission is to help you find THE person in your dream, and let your call heard in every single corner of the world.
The service is completely free
    天涯寻梦 是完全免费的服务。 您可以在这里自行任意阅读广告和张贴您自己的征友或 征婚广告, 而且,由于我们使用了功能强大的软件,您可在广告中加贴照片, 在张贴广告后,您还可以 随时修改您的广告。找到知音后, 您们还能随时到佳华聊天室倾谈。 如果您在张贴广告中遇到任何困难 或疑问,欢迎与我们联系, 我们很乐意提供帮助。我们也可以免费为您代贴广告,包括扫描张贴照片。 请将资料(包括照片)用电邮或通过邮局寄给佳华网。 如果您需要我们将扫描过的照片寄还给您, 请提供一只贴妥邮资并写好您的邮寄地址的信封。

    JiaHwa Dating is a completely free service. You can read ads, and post your own whenever you want. Thank to the powerful software we employed, you can also post photos and retouch your ads after posting. To serve you even better, we have an online chat room for you so that you can talk with your mate in real time. If you have any questions or problems in posting your ads, don't hesitate to ask for our help by sending email by clicking here. If you don't have internet access, or you don't want to post your ads yourself, JiaHwa can do it for you for free. Just send your ads materials to JiaHwa by email or by regular mail. JiaHwa can also scan and post your photos for you. All these are free. But, please remember, if you want your photos back after scanning, please enclose a prepaid and self-addressed envelop, so that we can use it to return your photos.
Registration and privacy
    尽管天涯寻梦是完全免费的服务,但为了保障使用者的隐私权, 并保证您的广告只被真正严肃认真的寻友者阅读与回应, 使用者在第一 次进入时将会被要求注册并得到一个专用密码, 凭此密码才能进入服务区阅读和张贴广告以及进行其它交流活动。 注册也是完全免费的! 采用注册的手段是为了保证您的广告只被严肃和认真的寻友者阅读。注册手续很简单, 您只需在线填写一份简单的表格, 其中只有自选用户名和电邮地址是必须填写的(如果您还没有电邮地址, 您可以点击这里马上注册一个佳华电邮信箱。 佳华电邮信箱是一个6MB的免费电邮信箱,您可以从世界各地使用它), 其它栏目都是凭您自愿的。我们不核实您的身份, 只通过将您的密码送往您注册的电邮地址来核实您的电邮地址是一个真实的地址。注册后, 您的密码马上就被送往您的电邮信箱中,密码是机器随机产生的,进入服务区后您可以随时修改。 注册后,尽管您的密码马上生效,但您并不能马上进入服务区, 您的帐号还有待开通,我们将在24小时之内开通您的帐号(完全免费), 请注意,帐号开通不再另发通知,请在24小时之后随意使用这一服务。 张贴广告时,除了要求您的专用密码外, 还有一栏要求您输入"Forum Password",您的 帐号开通后您就得到了"Specific Permission",您可让这一栏空着。注册时请注意, 尽管您可随意使用中文或英文书写您的 广告,但用户名最好只由英文字母和数字组成,以免出现技术上的不便。注册 系统对英文字母大小写是敏感的,所以务请记住您输入的大小写排列。 如果您在注册中遇到任何困难 或疑问,请与我们联系, 我们很乐意提供帮助。

    Although JiaHwa Dating is a free service, registration is required to use this service. This is to make sure your ads will only be viewed and replied by serious people who want to develop a serious relationship, and also to protect your privacy (in a very limited way, but that's the best we can do). Registration is very easy, all you need is to fill out an online registration form. You must provide a user name and a valid email address (if you don't yet have a email address, click here to register a 6MB web based JiaHwa email account. JiaHwa email is also free to register and use, you can access it from anywhere in the world). All other fields are optional. You'll get your personal password in your email box right after registration. In this way, we make sure that the email address is valid and is yours. Your password is a random combination generated by the machine. You can change it after you log on the JiaHwa Dating. Please note, even you have already got your password in your email, you have to wait for your account to be activated. Your account will be activated within 24 hours after your registration. When post your ads, besides your personal password, you'll also see an input field requires a "Forum Password", please leave this field blank, because you got the "Specific Permission" when your account being activated. To avoid technical problem, please use only English letters and numbers to compose your user name, but you are free to post your ads in either English or Chinese, or both. Please note that user names and passwords are case sensitive! This means aBC is different from ABC.



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