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All information on immigrating to Canada. Currently, we have new immigrants' letters, practical FAQs, immigration links and links to some major canadian banks.
Currently, we have children's reading materials both in Chinese and in English. We will soon provide information on education for overseas Chinese children.
Forums, Classifieds
Immigrant Forum and Regional Classifieds. You can post whatever ads here as you like, for sale, goods wanted, renting, party announcements are all welcome. There are 4 regional classifieds boards available at the present time, including Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. We will launch new boards to cover other areas upon request. Immigrant Forum serves as a home for immigrants, old or new, to exchange information, share experience, and offer help to each other.
JiaHwa Dating
free online dating service. Based in Canada, JiaHwa commits itself to serving the needs of Chinese-speaking people worldwide. Dating&Matching's mission is to help you find THE person in your dream, and let your call heard in every single corner of the world. Registration and private password are employed to make sure that your ads will only be viewed and replied by people who are serious in developing a long term relationship. By using your own private password, you can log on Dating&Matching at any time to read all ads, post and/or edit your own. Dating&Matching is biligual, supports both Chinese and English posting.
Chat Room
Powerful JAVA chat room. You can chat with your friends in real time online, no matter where they are in the world.
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